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Jain Children Stories Book


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About the Book :

Approximately 50 years back, The great gurudev, Acharya Bhuvanbhanu Suri Maharaja created a series of picture stories for making religious studies more effective and enjoyable for kids. This collection of stories was named ""Jain Jyotirdhar Chitra Darshan"".
Keeping in mind the current technological world, a digital sketches of those stories are made in this book. The stories have been rewritten in a language and style suitable for children.

About the Author

Jain Acharya Shri Bhuvanbhanu surishwarji Maharaja was a clairvoyant, acadamic genius, profound thinker, skillful orator and versetile writer. He acquired GDA degree from London. Has written more than 80 books of various subjects. He was renowned scholar of Prakrit, Sanskrit and Gujarati and had mastered every aspect of Indian Philosophy

This children story narrates the unbelievable Jivdaya Metarya Muni had. Just to save a bird's life what kind of sacrifice he gave and how he attained keval gyan. The story shows the importance of Jivdaya which is heart and soul of Jainism.

And who is Avet Mirakyan Insight and what is he talking about? It's time to find out about it.

Product Details

Language :- English, Hindi, Gujarati

16 Pages 4 color art paper book with attractive pictures explaining the story

Amount :- ₹ 50.00

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